Sustainable Environment: Challenges and Solution in Pakistan


Muhammad Roman , Shahbaz Ali , Sarwan Khan , Ahmad Raza Shahid , Husnain Rauf ,

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Volume 3 - April 2019 (04)


The achievement of sustainable development in the environment necessitates a holistic effort in all areas of society to meet the appropriate criteria. Current debates about urban sustainability not only tend to focus on carbon emissions, energy consumption, and waste management but also the role of facility managers in dealing the environmental problems towards sustainable development and environment. Inevitably, there is a need to specify the permissible building specific environmental that must be compatible with overall sustainability targets. This paper delineates the mitigation plan that can be adopted by facility managers to overcome environmental issues that may affect the total management, performance, and operation of development in Pakistan. This paper also described several environmental problems that occurred in Pakistan and gave some strategies that may help for a sustainable environment in Pakistan.


Sustainable environment, environmental challenges, Strategies, Recommendations


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