Agricultural Transformation Agenda – Nigeria Mechanization Requirement


Farounbi, A.J , Ogunjirin, O.A , Ogini, F , Willoughby, F.A , Ola, O ,

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Volume 3 - February 2019 (02)


The task of transforming agricultural productivity has been a great challenge to various tiers of governments in Nigeria. This paper discussed the various programs embarked upon by previous and present governments all with the aim of boosting agricultural production through tractorization which is an arm of mechanization. The paper reviewed critically the previous attempts and came up with some recommendations to address the tractorization needs of the country. However, there is the need to come up with an agricultural mechanization and tractorization policy for Nigeria which should cover mechanical, draught animal, wind energy, solar power and hydro power that generate power for farm use. This policy should drive the agricultural mechanization policy and also the policy should not be politicized for it to achieve the intended purpose – mechanizing Nigerian agriculture.


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