Arduino Based Soil Monitoring System for Suitability of Rice Plantation


Suraj Awal ,

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Volume 3 - February 2019 (02)


In the past few years, technology has grown to the summit. The use of computers and electronic devices has been applied in almost every aspect of human life. It has thus led to the idea of the soil monitoring system. This paper is about soil monitoring system for suitability of rice plantation which would use a smartphone and a web application to enable the farmers to get information about their field for suitability of rice plantation from a remote location. The system has three components: an Arduino microcontroller and other sensors to collect site data, an ethernet shield to transfer collected data to the web database, a web server to handle the obtained data and a web client and a smartphone to get the valuable information from the processed data. The paper focuses on the features and design of the proposed system.


Soil Monitoring, Smart Agriculture, Arduino, Smart Rice Plantation


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