Fertilizer Management to Increase Mango Yield and Export Revenue


Pumisak Intanon , Natthapong Pechampai , Ruankwan Intanon ,

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Volume 4 - February 2020 (02)


This study focused on fertilizer management for the improvement of mango yield and the reduction of fertilizer costs to increase income from mango production. In the current study, 5 experimental models were arranged in RCBD. The following data were collected: 1) environmental data 2) fertilizer composition 3) chemical properties of the soil before and after experiments 4) analysis of growth data 5) yield of mangoes 6) analysis of production costs and profits. Of fertilizers tested, HOR3 had the greatest amount of total nutrients among the granular mixed fertilizers (HO). Nutrients in soil analyses showed that soil from the T4 experimental model, in which HOR3 was administered, had the highest levels of total nutrients. Furthermore, vegetative growth analysis showed the highest canopy growth rates in T4, T3, T2, T1, and T0 models, respectively. The study of the mango yield demonstrated that the mango trees from the T4 experimental model had the highest yield (80.62 ton/ha). In addition, the highest profits (10,096.19 usd/ha) were observed in the T4 model, which also had the lowest fertilizer costs (258.69 usd/ha). Altogether, our data demonstrated that HOR3 fertilizer increased the yield of mangoes and replenished soil nutrients to a greater extent than chemical fertilizer.


granular mixed fertilizer, fertilizer management, production cost


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