Innovative and Frugal Protocols for RNA Related Experiments


Halagappa Eshwarappa Shashidhar , Jameel Ahmad Khan , Baba Fakrudin , Edries Yousaf Hajam ,

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Volume 3 - October 2019 (10)


Rice is a staple crop and is being cultivated far and wide around the globe. The waterloggedgged habit of cultivation has made rice extremely sensitive to drought. Understanding expression profiles will open new avenues of research for drought tolerance in rice. The presentsent study aims at utilizing the most innovative and frugal ways for highly sensitive molecular biology protocols. These protocols will help researchers to undertake RNA work in any lab with basic amenities. A details methodologies with critical tips are compiled and presented here for RNA extraction, RNA detection and finally expression profiles of two genotypes. This proof of concept for novel methods is a complete guide for beginner in RNA work with minute detailing of each step


Bleach protocol, Drought, Primerdimer, Rice, RNA, RNase, qPCR.


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