Digestibility of Crude Protein, Crude Fiber and Metabolic Energy of Rations Containing Corn Straw Fermentation in Cross Breed Chicken


Ellen J. Saleh , Suyadi , Irfan Junaidi , Eko Widodo ,

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Volume 3 - October 2019 (10)


This study was conducted to determine the digestibility of crude protein, crude fiber and metabolizable energy diet containing corn straw fermentation super chicken. The material used is corn straw, basal feed, chicken super 8 weeks old adult male. The method used is the method of a field experiment with five treatments and five replications, so that there are 25 experimental units. Each experimental unit consisted of one super chicken, and the number of chickens used were 25 animals, were conducted using the total collection of excreta. Feed The experiment was arranged on 5 kinds of feed treatment consisted of five chickens for each treatment. Feed given trial is the percentage of corn straw unfermented (JJ) and maize straw fermented (JJF) five treatments such feed is composed of P0 = feed Basal, P1 = 90% feed Basal + 10% HH, P2 = 90% feed Basal + 10% JJF, P3 = 80% + 20% Basal Feed JJ, P4 = 80% + 20% Basal Feed JJF. The variables measured were the digestibility of crude protein, crude fiber and metabolizable energy. The collected data analysis of variance with the pattern of RAL and analyzed using the Duncan test. The results showed that the diet containing corn straw fermentation in P2 treatment improved the digestibility of protein, crude fiber and metabolizable energy. Fermented corn straw proved to improve the digestibility of crude protein


corn straw, fermentation, digestibility, crossbreed chicken


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