An Efficient Protocoal for Isolation of Genomic DNA form Leaf Tissues of Mulberry Plant (Morus spp.) Using CTAB Method


Suraksha Chanotra , Kamlesh Bali , Ramesh Kumar Bali , Jag Paul Sharma ,

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Volume 3 - August 2019 (08)


Isolation of genomic DNA is the first and foremost step in any type of molecular study. The purity of DNA is very crucial for success of genomic studies. Since mulberry (Morus spp.) have high phenolic content, it becomes difficult to isolate fairly pure DNA which hinders the results of molecular studies. In present experiment an attempt has been made to develop an efficient and cost effective protocol for isolation of DNA from mulberry leaves. The quality of DNA was observed on gel electrophoresis, and purity of DNA as revealed on spectrophotometer by ratios of absorbance at 260/280nm was closer to 2.0, which indicated the presence of fairly pure DNA. Genomic DNA was analysed for PCR amplification with SSR markers further confirmed its purity


Mulberry, DNA, protocoal, electrophoresis, spectrophotometer, SSR markers


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